Library Services

The Central Library of N.H. College, named after Late Harendra Nath Sarma, a doyen in the sphere of education and Late Chakradhar, a generous personality was founded in 1979. At the initial stage, it was managed by Dr. P.C. Goswami with N.Das and H.N.Sarma as assistants. It has an intact of 2000 titles.

At present the Central Library is in a flourishing state with an intact about 14,000 titles, Text books, References, Theses, Enclyopedia, Magazines, Journals and newspapers.

Library Staff

  • Librarian : Mr. Kushal Das |
  • i) Normal Book lending
  • ii) Book Bank
  • iii) Reprography
  • iv) OPAC
  • v) Inflibnet
  • vi) E-Journal
  • vii) Reading Room
  • viii) Inter Library
  • ix) WIFI
  • x) Special Card Facility
  • xi) CC Camera
  • xii) Open access system
  • xiii) Separate reading room for faculties
  • 1. The Library remains open from 9 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on all working days. The issue counter will be closed half an hour before the closing hours.