Principals Column


Dr.Bhupesh Sarma
Principal,Nirmal Haloi College

Nirmal Haloi College has passed 38 years from its very inception. For an academic institution of higher education this is not s long span for multidimensional development. Moreover, 1979 is just thr beginning which marks the longings of the people of the area and their restless efforts to build up the institution of higher education.

The college has aquired special reputation in arts facultywhich is marked by entry of students from almost all districts of lower Assam. The growth and development of the instituion is reflected in the huge rush of students for admission. Due to this huge rush the college has introduced morning shift in order to accommodate more students at the undergraduate level.

Our attempt is to nurture positive attitude among the students with global out look and social commitment. N.H College has the characteristics of shouldering social responsibility with the aim to create a socially committed and responsible generation.

Nirmal Haloi College is affiliated to Gauhati University and acquires recognition from University Grants Commission under 2 f8/2B of UGC Act 1956. We are aware of the changing global demand and to create the new generation as per need of time. As steps towards that and have introduced various courses- Certificate & Diploma for our students as add-on courses.

Sports, Culture and other extra curricular activities are given proper weightage together with the academic pursuit. Students of this institution have acquired national and international reputation in these cfields. Discipline and cleanliness are the characteristics that make this institution different.

I have immense pleasure to welcomre all the new comers to this prestigious institution of higher education. I believe that with our qualified and dynamic staff and the existing infrastructure, you will certainly enjoy the opportunity to enlighten and glorify yourselves.

Thanking you –

(Dr. Bhupesh Sarma) Principal